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The Jedi Society Incorporated - Accountants Auckland | Tauranga | Christchurch

The Jedi Society failed. Its mission was to register with Charities Services and qualify for tax exempt status. But the dark side of the force conspired against it and its application was denied.

The Jedi Society promotes ‘Jediism’, which is defined in the Society’s purposes as the advancement and promotion of the Jedi, to be Guardians of the Peace and to enable understanding and knowledge of the Force. The Society explained to Charities Services that the universal belief of Jediism is a belief in the ‘Force’ and that it “exists in every living thing, and binds everything together.”

The Charities Registration Board declined the application as they did not satisfy the requirement that it was established and maintained exclusively for charitable purposes. Specifically, Jediism was found to be insufficiently structured and not serious enough to advance religion. There was also insufficient evidence supporting the advancement of moral or spiritual improvement in a charitable manner.

Hence the Force, but not Charities Services, will be with them.

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