Further cuts to ACC levies

Further cuts to ACC levies

ACC must collect sufficient funds to cover the costs of all current and past claims. In 1999 the Government realised funding was insufficient to cover on-going costs of pre-1999 claims and therefore, introduced a ‘residual levy’ to build up adequate funds.

The residual levy has been incorporated into the work levy whereby, at present it comprises two components; (1) a current portion and (2) a residual portion. Each year, the current portion of the work levy is adjusted to reflect the most recent injury experience within the business’s specific industry. The residual portion however, has been fixed since 2005 and is based on the remaining cost of pre-1999 claims.

Following a recent valuation of ongoing claims costs, the Government has proposed to remove residual levies in 2016/2017, which could result in 75% of businesses paying a reduced levy.

Once the residual levy is removed, work levies will be fully calculated on more recent injury trends and industries with increased injury rates will pay higher levies (and vice versa), i.e. those who operate in industries with higher injury costs.

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