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Auckland Chartered Accountants

Due to the changes in Depreciation we find that many of our clients are funding cash shortfalls on their investment property and as a result they are missing out on the opportunity to claim additional tax benefits because of the way they have funded
the shortfall. 

If you have owned an investment property for at least three years (or less if you have more than one property) and have been topping up the rental to cover costs, at Lowthers we can maximise your Tax Losses and the resulting refund. Unlike tax refunds associated with depreciation, it doesn’t have to be paid back when the property is sold!


Our qualified staff are experienced in providing you with all your property investment requirements. Whether you need quick advice, a way of maximising your losses or restructuring, our Team can meet your needs. Our Team of highly qualified staff have been servicing clients with property investments for 13 years, so whatever your needs are, make Lowthers your first call.


Auckland Chartered Accountants
Auckland Chartered Accountants
Auckland Chartered Accountants

Lowthers are property accounting and Tax expert and provide professional advice to lift up your property and land transactions performance.

Lowthers try to understand each individual client’s unique requirements and provide tailored services to add value to the property investment. We do not just focus on numbers. We can analyse and translate them to help you understand your property investments to  and make better financial decisions



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