Running a small business is daunting with most failing within a few years. And the smaller the business, the higher the risk.  

Average enterprise survival rates by firm size

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Source: Business demography statistics, Statistics New Zealand, 2013. Access via Statistics New Zealand webpage.

Notes: All numbers are provisional. Survival rate is defined as the percentage of enterprise births in each reference periods in the business demography population. For full notes consult source data.

But small businesses have significant advantages over larger businesses:


  • Greater flexibility

  • Quicker decision-making, and

  • Can focus more on high profit areas

So why are small businesses far more vulnerable?

Small business owners have one major disadvantage: they operate with minimal information, largely running on hard work, gut instinct, and hoping for the best. 

Clear, actionable information dramatically increases their chances of success.

We are here to help you take your small business beyond guesswork, providing you with the knowledge and support to make better decisions for better results. We can help you create a business that is:

  • Profitable and cash flow rich

  • Tax efficient

  • Protected from commercial risks

To discuss your business, contact Robb or Simonne.




Accounting and tax compliance


Taking the stress out of your compliance demands so you can focus on your business.
Our services include:


  • Financial statements, tax returns and tax management

  • Company and trust administration

  • Accounting software selection, setup and support



Commercial Structuring

If you are inefficiently structured, you are probably paying too much tax, and more importantly, putting you and your assets at risk. We can help you setup and manage an effective structure for your unique situation to achieve:

  • Protection from your business and personal risks

  • Tax efficiencies

  • Effective management of business partnerships and joint ventures


Business Performance Improvement


You probably know that your results could be better, but knowing exactly what is and isn’t working and how to fix it,
is not so obvious. It takes clear management information with a forward-looking focus to uncover your business potential. While you can’t do much about last year’s results, you can do something about this year’s. 


We can help with:


  • Analysing your business performance to see how it compares to others, what is and isn’t working, and how it can be fixed.

  • Creating a financial plan, including budgets and forecasts, to turn your business goals into a clear, actionable plan.

  • Providing regular, clear reporting of your key performance areas so you can track your progress and make changes
    where needed.



If you feel you could be achieving more, we offer a free, no-obligation meeting to discuss your situation and how we may be able to help you.  To arrange a meeting, or just discuss your situation, contact Robb or Simonne.





We understand that there is no “one size fits all” solution for different businesses. 

Lowthers Chartered Accountants try to understand each individual client’s unique business requirements and provide tailored services to add value to the business. We do not just focus on numbers. We analyse and translate them to help you understand your business and make better financial decisions






If you’re a small to medium sized business that needs the basics taken care of with a professional overview to keep you on track – then this is the plan for you.

  • Free initial meeting

  • Full email support for tax and accounting queries

  • Xero subscriptions

  • Annual financial statements, income tax returns, company resolutions and minutes

  • Tax/IRD maintenance


From $215 Per Month

If you’re focused on growing and developing your business 

and you need more regular assistance and guidance – then this is the plan for you, Lowthers will take care of all your tax requirements.

  • Free initial meeting

  • Full email support for tax and accounting queries

  • Xero subscriptions

  • Annual financial statements, income tax returns, company resolutions and minutes

  • Tax/IRD maintenance

  • Quarterly management reports

  • Free six monthly review



From $315 Per Month

If you require much more detailed advice and you understand the importance of a monthly overview of your business – then this is the plan for you. We will also save you time and money by completing your Payroll and PAYE as Lowthers believe in adding value to your business.

  • Free initial meeting

  • Full email support for tax and accounting queries

  • Xero subscriptions

  • Annual financial statements, income tax returns, company resolutions and minutes

  • Tax/IRD maintenance

  • Annual financial plan and forecast

  • Monthly management reports

  • Free six monthly review



From $475 Per Month

The final fee charged is dependent on the amount of work undertaken. Please call to obtain a quote



  • GST 

  • Payroll & PAYE 

  • Company annual return 

  • Upgrade to Xero business version software

  • 6 monthly GST returns   

  • 2 monthly GST returns    

  • Payroll  

  • Company annual return (Companies Office) 

  • Upgrade to Xero business software  





from $50





Business Services

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